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GaNgLy MoOsE hails from Fairbanks and is wildly popular as the best jam band in the entire state of Alaska. For the past twelve years their original funky groovin’ tunes have brought crowds to a shaking, sweating pandemonium.

Their music is an original mix of a Funkadelic, Primus-meets-Woodie Guthrie style commonly referred to as "cabin rock". The MoOsE covers tunes by Johnny Cash, Parliament, AC/DC, Frank Zappa and the Stones. But GaNgLy MoOsE mainly relies on the energy of their original music. Songs like “Hot Tub”, “Smugglers”, and “Sooiee” are Moose favorites that keep the crowds screaming for more. (Listen on the Songs page.)

GaNgLy MoOsE is mentioned in the Lonely Planet Guide to Alaska as the Alaskan band you don't want to miss while you're here. The Southern Migration Winter Tour 2003 spawned MoOsE-hEaDs in places like Flagstaff and Tempe, Arizona, and cities throughout the coast of California (Hermosa Beach, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Berkeley, and San Francisco). Here in Alaska tHe MoOsE has opened for such bands as The Jazz Mandolin Project, Leftover Salmon, Soul Asylum, The Big Wu, Cracker and Dread Zeppelin (see review below). A strong, tight band that’s on the rise, GaNgLy MoOsE is that Alaskan band you’ve been hearing about!

GaNgLy ReFeReNcEs:

"My favorite Alaskan band! Gangly Moose rocks......";

Oct 2005
Dan Fiacco, Manager,
Beartooth Theatre, Anchorage, Alaska


"With high energy, hot jams, and a knowing touch,
Gangly Moose plainly and simply, ROCKS!

Oct 2005
Jeremy Bahr, Manager
UAF Pub, Fairbanks, Alaska

"Reader's Choice for Best Local Band 2004"

Fairbanks Daily News Miner


“The show started with Fairbanks progressive jam band Gangly Moose opening. A tight ensemble, Gangly Moose grooved their way through an extra lengthy set, wowing the audience with their hypnotic blend of funk and modern psychedelic rock.”

Brian Bateman - referencing when the MoOsE opened for Dread Zeppelin
October 16, 2000
Anchorage Daily News


“Free dancers statewide have spread the word of the band’s epic jams…”

Brian MacMillan
Anchorage Daily News


"Listening to these guys, you would think they have been playing together their entire lives -- very energetic, but very tight. Gangly Moose is truly Alaska's premiere jam band."

Glen Anderson, Operations Manager
KXLR Classic Rock radio, Fairbanks, Alaska


"The Fairbanks-based jam band has been knotted in musical bliss for nearly a decade. Alaska has grown pretty attached to the group as well. Over the years, bass man John Knechtel, guitarist Dave Parks and drummer Kliff Hopson have seduced AK with their distinctive jam style, dubbed "cabin rock," a sound that's a part Primus, part Parliament and all Fairbanks."

Josh Niva
November 7, 2003
Anchorage Daily News


"Alaska's own hippy band."

Anchorage Press
July 2003