Gangly Moose is an improvisationally based trio in both their music and their life philosophy. In an ever expanding presense on the outskirts of Fairbanks, the members of Gangly Moose live in primitive splendor and vastness of Alaska.

Just getting to the gig can be a death-defying exercise in Arctic wilderness survival. But then, on the other side of the sun (24 hours a day of it), the Alaskan summer festival tour takes the expression 'fun in the sun' to a new degree of luminescence. It is the spirit of the Alaskan experience that was the catalyst for the birth of the gangly groove machine. Since the spawn of the gangly scene in the Spring of '94, Gangly Moose has nurtured a beautiful coexistence between a likeable beast and its dedicated statewide following.

To classify the music of Gangly Moose is difficult - to hear it, is to feel it, is to groove to it. With a blend of funk, rock, folk and outright frenzy the Moose jams find a common vision, driven by an uncompromising groove and held together by powerful writing. They sing of the yin and yang of life.

Wondering why the Moose weren't on KXLR on 4.2.04? April Fools ain't just for breakfast anymore.

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Band Members:

John Knechtel - "go funky!" bass
Dave Parks - smokin' guitar
Kliff Hopson - spliffin' drums

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